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Wedding Dress
Mori Lee Wedding Dresses Wedding Dress Style No. 1612
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How To Measure

We have provided a comprehensive guide for taking your measurements!

Points to Remember

  • House of Brides cannot assume responsibility for the size ordered or the measurements taken. The customer is responsible for the size they order.
  • House of Brides cannot suggest a specific size.
  • We suggest having a friend, family member, or professional seamstress/ tailor take your measurements for the best results. We do not recommend customers take their measurements.
  • It’s best to be measured wearing the exact undergarments, slip, and shoes you’ll be wearing the day of the wedding or event.
  • Designers use the English Standard System for all measurements and sizes. To convert your metric measurements to inches, see our Metric Converter under Tailor’s Advice.
Designers determine their sizes by the bust, waist, and hip measurements. See the following for measuring tips!

Taking the Bust Measurement

  1. Stand straight with your heels together and arms down at your side.
  2. Position the measuring tape so that it covers the widest part of your back and the fullest part of your bust.
  3. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.

Taking the Waist Measurement

  1. Standing straight, bend to your side. The bend is your natural waist.
  2. Stand straight and keep your heels together.
  3. Place the measuring tape around your natural waist.
  4. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.

Taking the Hip Measurement

  1. Stand straight with your heels together and arms down at your side.
  2. Position the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips.
  3. Keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight.
Select designers offer special length options. See the following for tips!

Hollow to Hem

The Hollow to Hem measurement determines a specific length for the gown to be made. This measurement is suggested for heights under or over 5’8”. It is very important to wear the exact undergarments, slip, and shoes as the day of the wedding or event as this will affect the accuracy of the measurement. When selecting Hollow to Hem on the order form, please indicate the measurement in the space provided. Provide the measurement in whole inches. Half inches are not accepted. Availability and fees are dependent on each designer.
  • Stand straight and face forward with your arms at your sides.
  • Place the tape measure ¼” below the hollow or depression of your neck and measure to the waist following the shape of your body.
  • Measure from the waist to where you want the finished hem to fall following the shape of the slip.
  • Place the measuring tape ¼” below the hollow of the neck and measure to the approximate finished hem. If this measurement does not equal the total of the previous two measurements, repeat all three measurements until the measurements agree.

Extra Length

Designers make their dresses with a standard Hollow to Hem measurement. This standard measurement varies between designers but normally is 58” Hollow to Hem. Designers recommend considering extra length if you’re taller than 5’8” with the heel height you’ll wear with the gown. Extra length is typically 1” to 6” longer and will vary between designers. Availability and fees are dependent on each designer.

Once you’ve taken your measurements, see the selected designer in Size Charts under Tailor’s Advice. The designer’s size chart shows the measurements they use to make each size. Compare your measurements to the size chart to determine the size to order. Gowns are not custom made according to your measurements and will run differently than normal street clothes. Most gowns will need some type of alterations.

If your measurements indicate different sizes for the bust, waist, and hip measurements, designers generally suggest ordering according to the largest measurement. Gowns can be taken-in, but due to the modest seam allowance in the gowns, there may not be enough fabric to release to the size needed.

Standard Shipping
The estimated standard shipping time from the designer to House of Brides is approximately 15-16 weeks for standard orders and up to 18 weeks for custom length orders from the date of order confirmation.  Please allow an additional 5-10 business days to receive and inspect your order prior to shipping to you.

Designers apply a 2 week window in addition to these shipping time frames. Designers reserve the right to adjust their shipping times depending on their production.
As per the designer's policy, authorized retailers within the U.S. are restricted to shipping customer orders to U.S. addresses only. Please contact a House of Brides expert at 1-630-827-0500 or 00-1-630-827-0500 for international calls.
Metric Converter
Enter measurement:
Convert to: Inches
Size Chart
Mori Lee Wedding Dress Standard Size Chart
 Size Bust  Waist  Hip 
0 31 22 1/2 34 1/2
2 32 23 1/2 35 1/2
4 33 24 1/2 36 1/2
6 34 25 1/2 37 1/2
8 35 26 1/2 38 1/2
10 36 1/2 28 40
12 38 29 1/2 41 1/2
14 39 1/2 31 1/2 43
16 41 32 1/2 44 1/2
18 42 1/2 34 46
20 44 1/2 36 48
22 46 1/2 38 50
24 49 1/2 41 53
26 53 44 1/2 56 1/2
28 57 48 1/2 60 1/2

Spring 17 and forward use chart below. Style 3214R, styles 8101 forward.

  Inches Inches Inches
0 32 23.5 35.5
2 33 24.5 36.5
4 34 25.5 37.5
6 35 26.5 38.5
8 36.5 28 40
10 38 29.5 41.5
12 39.5 31 43
14 41 32.5 44.5
16 42.5 34 46
18 44.5 36 48
20 46.5 38 50
22 49.5 41 53
24 53 44.5 56.5
26 57 48.5 60.5
28 61 52.5 64.5