Hollow-to-Hem is defined as the length between the hollow, the depression at the front of the neck, to the hem of a dress. The standard Hollow-to-Hem is 58 inches, which is approximately a height of 5’8”. However, the standard Hollow-to-Hem can vary between designers. 


Some designers offer a Hollow-to-Hem measurement. This service is available for an additional fee dependent on the designer and allows customers to have their dresses made to a specific length. The Hollow-to-Hem measurement is especially helpful for customers much shorter or taller than the standard length.


We strongly recommend having a professional seamstress or tailor take your Hollow-to-Hem measurement. The measurement is difficult to take and must be accurate since the dress will be cut to the specific length.


Here are tips on how to have your best Hollow-to-Hem measurement taken!


1)       Stand straight and face forward with arms at your sides.

2)       Place the tape measure ¼ inch below the hollow of your neck. Measure to the waist following the shape of your body.

3)       Measure from the waist to where you want the finished hem to fall following the shape of the slip.

4)       Place the measuring tape ¼ inch below the hollow of the neck again and measure to the approximate finished hem. If this measurement does not equal the total of the previous 2 measurements, repeat all 3 measurements until the measurements match. 


Eva Buziecki's Bits: Wear the exact undergarments, slip, and shoes you plan to wear on your Wedding day. All will affect the measurement’s accuracy.