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Felicia Phillip Wedding Dress Style 8104 | House of Brides
Our Price: $1,795.95 (USD)
Retail Price: $2,550.25 (USD) 
Felicia Phillip Wedding Dress Style 2404 | House of Brides
Our Price: $1,695.95 (USD)
Retail Price: $2,408.25 (USD) 
Priscilla Collection Wedding Dress Style 71638 | House of Brides
Our Price: $1,267.95 (USD)
Retail Price: $1,800.49 (USD) 
Priscilla Collection Wedding Dress Style 96538 | House of Brides
Our Price: $1,188.95 (USD)
Retail Price: $1,688.31 (USD) 
In 1929, we celebrated the 1st Academy Awards on black and white TVs. 7-Up, bingo and the yo-yo were introduced and we were thrilled by the 1st roller coaster and the 1st Popeye the Sailor comic strip. That year, JC Penney became a national company and Chicago cheered the Cubs in the World Series.
…And in this historic year, House of Brides opened its 1st store. House of Brides survived 85 years in an ever-changing world by providing the best in price, service and dependability.

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